this is the cutest fucking thing ever holy fuck

And then you see the most recent advert (in the UK at least) for Disneyland  and you realise the marketing department at Disneyland are controlling tossers that use your emotional reaction to guilt trip you into taking your family to Disneyland.  

It’s basically targeting Dads and being like, “Isn’t your daughter growing up so fast?  You’d better take her to Disneyland right now while she still loves you before she runs off with boys and drugs and you lose her forever!”  What little respect I had for Disneyland and Disney in general was lost when I saw that ad.  

I was at home momentarily this weekend and that advert came on - now before I finish this story I will say my dad FUCKING LOVES DISNEY PARKS and so does my stepmum and so do I.

The ad came on and dad crossed his arms, looked at me and went ’ that advert does nothing to make me want to go to disneyland ’ and this is a guy that will fancy going to disneyland if you even think about watching a Disney film.

Shittiest advert ever. Disney advertising department please phone me, we can work things out. I’ve perfected getting dads to do things.

I really wish I could animate a little kid like this :)

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